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In addition to the series-style books, the children's list is ever-growing, introducing African nature through a variety of lively, interesting and colourful titles.

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A Scarlet Tail
Adventure Trails in Kirstenbosch
African Wildlife Alphabet and Number Book
African Wildlife Quiz Book
African Wildlife Trivia
Box of Rocks
Curly the Chameleon
Die Vernuftige Verkleurmannetjie
Exploring Fynbos
Famous Dinosaurs of Africa
Fender’s Day at the Harbour
Find 50 at the Seashore
Find 50 in the Game Reserve
Find 50 in the National Parks of East Africa
Get Bushwise: A Bushveld Safari
Get Bushwise: On Safari Desert, River, Bushveld - A Young Explorer's Guide
Hagedash die Hadeda
Hagedash the Hadeda
How Crab Lost His Head
Jojo's Wire Car
Landy’s New Home
Meneer Klaasneus se Reusagtige Vriend
Meneer Klaasneus se Reusagtige Vriend Aktiwiteitsboek
Meneer Koning se Ongelooflike Reis
Meneer Koning se Ongelooflike Reis Aktiwiteitsboek
Mister King's Incredible Journey
Mister King's Incredible Journey Activity Book
Mister Sengi's Very Big Friend
Mister Sengi's Very Big Friend Activity Book
My first book of Southern African Frogs
Southern African Sea Life: A Guide for Young Explorers
The Amazing Coelacanth
Tissue Salts for Children
Voels Van Eenderse Vere
Weefselsoute vir Kinders
When Bat was a Bird
When Elephant was King
When Hippo was Hairy
When Lion could Fly

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