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Shop » Tissue Salts - Anti-Ageing

Tissue Salts - Anti-Ageing
Tissue Salts - Anti-Ageing


ISBN: 9781775843580
Price: R200.00
Release Date: 2016-09-28

Tissue salts are minerals that our bodies need to ensure optimal health. They are found in the Earth's rocks and soil, and in food that is grown organically in mineral-rich soil. Considered to be the basic constituents of our bones, blood, organs and muscles, they are easily absorbed by the human body, with no side-effects.

In this book, Margaret Roberts draws on decades of experience to advise readers on using the 12 key tissue salts to slow the ageing process, promote vitality and enhance health. Each tissue salt is presented in its own chapter, with tips on treating specific ailments; and advice on increasing the intake of the salts through the diet.

An ailment chart is included for quick reference.

An indispensable guide for anyone interested in health, wellness, and using natural remedies to ease the effects of ageing.

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